Builders & Architects

Office lobby for builders & architects by Columbus interior design firm

We work with builders & architects, and understand there’s an overlap between home/office builders, architects and interior designers. The silver lining is, when we work together, great things can happen.  We work with builders & architects in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Central Florida and wherever else our valuable services are needed.

Like the home builders & architects we work with, we also believe in form and function. We know our mutual goals are to make the built environment better for the clients. Many people look at building a home, architecture and interior design as three distinctive and separate entities but when they work together, they can create something very special for the people who will live in the home.

Mary Shipley Interiors will study all the interior aesthetics; how natural and artificial light spreads throughout the spaces, color selection, flooring, lighting, kitchen and bath fixtures and everything that affects the interior space. As experienced interior designers, we have worked with many individual architects and respected architectural firms and the collaborative effort and outcome has been beneficial to the client, much more so than when an architect and interior designer work independently of each other.

Contact us today to start the conversation about how we can work together as a team to successfully execute the vision of our mutual clients. We look forward to working with you!