New Construction

Living room interior decoration in a new construction model home

When it comes to the new construction of building a home, there is typically an overlap between builders, architects and interior designers. The silver lining is, when we all work together, great things can happen.  At Mary Shipley Interiors, we advocate on your behalf to ensure everyone at the table keeps your personal perspectives, priorities, wishes and sense of style in mind throughout the building process.  

As experienced interior designers, we consider all of the interior aesthetics, how light spreads throughout spaces, the natural flow from room to room, the placement of doors, windows and walls to ensure the design is what works best for you and your family – functionally and aesthetically. We also focus on the basics of design, color schemes, flooring, fixtures and more to ensure the cohesiveness and continuity throughout the entire home. When we work with builders and architects with new construction throughout the building process, the collaborative effort and outcome is very beneficial to the client. Much more so than when the builder, architect and interior designer work independently of each other, without a shared vision.

We work with home builders and architects in Columbus Ohio, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Central Florida and wherever else our valuable services are needed.

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