The Culture of Geometric Shapes

2018 has been making progressive strides to incorporate diversity and culture into many facets of life. In the interior design world, we are always inspired by the culture around us and how certain elements can fit into a space and incorporate a new trend into it. One of the more creative ways this year to bring a little diversity into your home  is with geometric shapes and patterns. Whether you are going for ethnic, nordic, or bohemian, there is a civilization of artists and designers that utilized shapes and patterns to establish their identity.

Subtle geometric elements have an instinctive way of adding drama and playfulness into a room without screaming for attention. Be it a geometric pattern or shape of the furniture itself, geometry tends to add modern themes to your space.

Geometric patterns add visual interest to a space and are a giveaway to the type of culture that you room should have. When choosing the right pattern, it is highly recommended to stick within a color scheme that already exists within your room. Your guests can be easily overwhelmed by your prints so be sure to find the right size pattern when choosing a design that you love.

If you are concerned that adding a pattern has a lot more drama than what you may intend, consider a simple piece of furniture that has a unique geometric quality.  A circle, square, triangle, as a wall sconce or an end table could be just the right touch to modernize your world.

Geometric shapes have been used throughout history, all over the world to create distinguishing elements of culture. A distinguishing shape could be just what you need to express your creativity, your brand and individuality. It’s no surprise that these shapes have made a major comeback in 2018!