Colors that Calm

Color tells a descriptive story. Have you ever walked into a home you were interested in buying and the color of the interior or exterior told you everything you needed to know about the family that lived there? Color can be a controversial topic in the world of interior design and decorating. Some paint their walls white to make a statement about the lack of boldness in their life and some may use white to reveal their love for purity and expensive things. The colors you choose in your furniture, paintings and accents will have an emotional effect on whomever walks into your space but the fun part is that you are the author of that story. If you are trend savvy at all, there are a few pops of color that you should consider to narrate your love for progression!


A classic grey comes with a fun saying…”If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” Grey is simple, clean, refined, and timeless! Of course without the right intent, grey can also suck the life right out of a room if it’s not paired with the proper accents and color pops. But if you are a fan of bright colors like yellow, teal blue, purple, grey is a wonderful solution to balance your need for bold and bright overtones.  If you plan to sell your home down the road, painting your walls a pale light grey is also very safe for the next potential homeowner to envision their own sense of individuality into the space. No need to repaint before your open house because grey can be very universal and welcoming.


Taupe is a fantastic balance to those that love patterns and textures. Designer Giannasio describes taupe as “A complex and sophisticated neutral.” Balance is perfection when considering the right hues for your space and taupe has a way of balancing the noise. If you love the idea of warmth and calmness, taupes are sensitive to your need to throw in exotic prints and patterns to your space.  


Pinks have been used and abused over the years in attempt to make a statement about femininity and youth. Some women never grow weary of their love for pink and why would they? A soft pink can either tone down complex textures like glitter or liven up the dullest predictable hues on the value scale. Pink has certainly broken barriers for both men and women, and can add just the right touch of excitement. From accent pillows to accent walls, consider a soft neutral pink tint as a neutral into a monochromatic space.

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