We are one of the 11 Best Interior Designers in Ohio

Mary Shipley Interiors has been recognized as one of the 11 Best Interior Designers in the State of Ohio by LuxuryPad. With over 20 years of interior design experience, it is with great pleasure and an honor to receive statewide recognition for her sophisticated portfolio. Mary Shipley has a wide range of experience and a variety of clientele that she has served over the years. From residential to commercial, Mary Shipley-Smith has been able to find the art in every last one of her client’s life and provide lush design solutions to match.

Luxury Pad was inspired by Mary’s ability to create “Liveable luxury.” They were particularly favorable to her broad scale of experience from private home office to a significant corporate renovation. Mary’s sense of style and interior design skills have been influential to many lives in the State of Ohio, and she is humbled to receive recognition for her hard work in her beloved home state. Being the big Buckeye fan that she is, being amongst Ohio’s 11 Best Interior Designers is quite the compliment and a testament to her dedication to her clients over the years.

If you would like to learn more about Mary Shipley Interiors and the featured article from Luxury Pad, you can read what they had to say about her on their website.